Friday, 15 March 2013

Super Junior select the member with the cutest butt

Super Junior chose Sungmin as the member with the cutest butt!

If you thought it would be weird for ‘Section TV‘ to ask Super Junior who had the cutest butt, you aren’t alone. The original question asked the members to choose the member with the best body, which they all chose Siwon.

However, as Super Junior is known for their humor and wit, they managed to steer the conversation masterfully to talking about Sungmin’s butt. Eunhyuk started the conversation going by saying, “It’s different for each body part but there’s a member with the cutest butt.Shindong immediately caught onto who he was talking about and agreed, “He has to get insurance on his butt.

All the members then chose Sungmin as the member with the best butt, and of course Sungmin himself didn’t lose in terms of humor. He joked, “I exercise really hard to keep it that way“, and even demonstrated the exercise.

The segment begins around the 1:55 mark below, the beautiful Ailee was also a guest on the segment and it appears she enjoyed the exercise.

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