Friday, 1 March 2013

Still cut of Kim So Hee raising her fist at Henry revealed for ‘Master Chef Korea Celebrity’

To add some interest to the show, ‘Master Chef Korea Celebrity‘ recently released a photo where Super Junior-M‘s Henry appeared to have a shocked look on his face.

The show released a still cut of celebrity judge Kim So Hee raising her fist to Henry with an angry face. Chef Kim So Hee is one of the fiercest, most strict judges on the show, and is famous all over Europe for her highly regarded restaurants in Vienna and appearance on cooking programs.

But none of that intimidated Henry, who is the provider of the biggest laughter on the show with his teases, calling her ‘eyebrow grandma‘. He even calls the other judges ‘ahjumma‘, and ‘ahjussi‘. Sometimes, he breaks out a dance while the judges are giving him advice, causing them to smile despite his mischievous actions.

Thankfully, since everyone else surrounding them is laughing, the chef was merely just joking around.

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